02-09-2019 Tagintsev Baby Shower02-23-2019 Alena's 30th Birthday Weekend03-03-2019 Katykhin's Baby Shower03-23-2019 Maya's 5th Birthday Party04 Mexico04-21-2019 Easter Sunday04-26-2019 Baby Sofie05-01-2019 Baby Sofia05-04-2019 Baby Eli05-30-2019 Portofino Proposal07-04-2019 4th of July07-27-2019 San Diego Family Trip08-10-2019 Engagement Party08-16-2019 Engagement Session08-19-2019 Maya's First Day of School09-14-2019 Sofia's Dedication09-02-2019 Sara's First Birthday10-27 thru 11-01 2019 David's Walleys Family Trip11-01-2019 Fall Samusenko11-10-2109 Donchenko Wedding11-12-2019 Donchenko Second Day Session